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Rapping all of them like a legend
Hope you get resuscitated when you be begging!
All these noobs man you kno i be hating
You all the shame, man you kno i be slaying!
You being roasted, by Lil Mik
Call up off your girl i heard she getting hits!
Imma be so fire then im getting real lit
Your girl gon show me man you gon be bit!
Dude your rhymes, look so dirty
Cause they were ish like my shorty!
Ice... Gold, yeah into my chain
Gold on my wrist aye, im with my other lane!
Your raps man, smell like aas
Then you be giving the dropgang pa**!
If you gonna be rapping then im gonna be dead
You be throwing these ish right on top of your head!

Bam bih, i dont always cuss to spit fire
But with that outfit you look like a vampire!
Throw to these things on stage like you finna get rage
Like my fudging homies, dude im finna slay!
I am the man, to be making songs!
But hey, you shame, boy you wrong!
Shouts out to the DropGang, we match the same outfits shouts out to the ZayGang
Let go!

Want me to go real hard on this dude, boy look at yourself and look at your shoes!
Like Young Dirt, hes been real cool
Ain't no playing just go to another school!
Yo, this my stage boy im like all that ba**
When you rap you wouldve hit Bri aas!
Ayye! Like im gonna get real lit man
Rather make those songs when i be hit man!

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