Real OG

Hella Sketchy

Real OG By Hella Sketchy

We can’t never leave that thug sh*t for life
Checking the wrist
About to check the time
Nah, you know what?
Hey Drama what’s the time?
You feel me?

Lil B, where you been? I just got out the state
You did some time, yeah I did, I just cleared my case
How your cousin doing? You know we pushing art everyday
I’m in the field headfirst, n***as watch my plate
I watch theirs but I never eat their food or take it
Did you cut n***as off? Yeah f**k them fakes
I’mma tell you this, my life is so real that it’s great
b*t*h, I come from the crack like the pavement’s saying
I’m shaking sh*t, I hit the dice game, no playing
n***a hit the dice, hit for no, f**k that playing
Shooting dice with the pinch, b*t*h, move or I’m staying
You got love for these hoes? No, b*t*hes be faking
Game recognise game, I’m saying
f**k all these suckers that hate mirrors
b*t*h, I live in a mirror
.44 Glock will make you clearer
You’re about that life, I’m about whatever
For realer, it’s Lil B

How I make it through the hood? It’s crazy
I’mma do what I do, f**k fugazis
Now I know what I know, I’mma take you low
I’mma take you low, I’mma take you low
How I make it through the day in the hood is crazy
I’mma do what I do, b*t*hes f**k fugazi
Now I know what I know, I’mma take you low
I’mma take you low, I’mma take you low

How you maintaining B? I’m getting by, I’m straight
I’m still tucked with the piece, get back to peace
n***as relax with the beef, I’m swimming in the phonk
Taking showers with the gun, going to sleep with my pump
You would think that I’m drunk, how I’m throwing up the shots
West side like 2Pac, East side like Biggie
n***as looked up to me, I give back to many
What’s next Lil B? b*t*h, you tell me
I’m success meta-meta-excellence, ain’t no stressing
No worries like Lil Wayne said, infrared
Aiming for suckers’ heads, I can tell
I never left
I can never fall off because I was never on
But your girl’s seeing, what level I’m on
Is she good to perform? The story’s not long
Everybody got a job, you’ve got to keep sh*t going
It’s Lil B

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