Raising the Bar 12 Lyrics

X (ItsXMusic) Lyrics

Yo, dedicated to my role
The ghost, you’ll never separate me from my soul
I’m amused, smooth as levitation in control
I’m removed, from any hesitation it’s a go
Let me through, I move when I gotta usually for gwala
I do everything, the new Iguodala, you an impostor
I was, tuning out I been too in tune with my chakras
I’m a lion, don’t know what kinda movies you watching
This is life, encrypted in code, rigged to explode
Everything ain’t glitter and gold, it’s just what they sold
The moment that you picked up the pen, I picked up the globe
Spent the day conversing with karma, she sitting on hold
This my sh*t, work the night shift, maniac
With the vice grip, hit the light switch, fade to black
Need advice it’s, be a flight risk, make it back
Or it’s ISIS, close ya’ eyelids, take a nap
This is, sleep paralysis, meets the labyrinth
Play it safe, you should stay away I think it’s hazardous
That’s a risk, you should leave at home somewhere wit’ ya’ pride
Ain’t no rules or anywhere in this jungle you can hide
I’m the truth, the secrets you keep, the lies that you tell
The losses, reasons you cheat, and why you prevail
I sit back, hit Mac, hire some help
It’s tiring when you inspire yourself, motherf**ker

Don’t get ga**ed I’ll ignite the flame
Only time they roll wit’ a OG was a fire strain inside a pipe or like
This dollar sign wallpaper inside my brain
Money on my mind like lidocaine, for the minor pains
Critics like, ‘you got the drive, what’s the style? Explain’
I glide on ‘em, hydroplaning tryna find my lane
They got a lot to say from they hiding place and never see the light of day ‘til I shine on ‘em, despite the shade
Now they wide awake, it gets street soon as they cross me: right away
F**k what’s current I’m a tidal wave a, -head of my time survived Y2K in ‘98
Told the Reaper I’ll be seeing you like Billie Holiday
Tombstone, Doc Holliday, doc, operate
Couple eggs short of a omelet the sauce hollandaise
Walk on water ‘cross the pond I’m on holiday
Starting WhoWannaGetBodied.com, I’ll moderate
I, got the hunger it’s not a game like Mockingjay
Got the game in limbo, how’s watching the bar I raise?
It’s, fine wine to taste, bottle-aged
Judgement to pair a ‘73 Chardonnay, to sommeliers
Put ya’ life on the line, make ya’ contemplate
Then put something in the back of your mind: the one that got away
Ahead of the curve that’s what got me straight
Heart numb, blood cold it’s in a solid state, I could die today

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