Quickening Arts Lyrics

Quadir Lateef Lyrics

Don't give a Phuck if your Coupe Tinted
No one specific speak in general to Lieutenants
Blue Spinach got ya whole damn crew sinning
2 lemons in my water gla** and my suit lenin
That means I stay winning You luke warm my shot form
Got you open like lose women is you kidding?
I never bit but I been bitten truth always been hidden
Chain fake MCs been fibbing
Better know your limit
I got a Canon is you Photogenic?
Obituary with your photo in it call that a Photo Finish
Crazy how I hold the Glock chest gone head missing
Body looking Photo Shopped
Somebody better tell 'em AKH
Listen to the stories told
Bullets like a can of pop
Barrel like a Totem Pole
She ain't gotta kiss a toad
Tell her where to find a king never on Bet hardly on the movie screens
Since a infant rapping was instant
Chew stick and incense candy was ten cents
I am with intent, I sin and repent then sin and repent
The cycle begins like was and then rinse
Must mention my gift in Lyrics intertwined with intervention
Please get of my jimmy….. Henchmen
No Iovine Hip hop needs an IV all theses on hit wonders turn to why me's
Funny a** swag like Base and YB never Based on anything real you not me
You wanna Kick it? Ti Chi Pay me a Pair of UGGS
2 U four G's not talking Boots though
Russian Shooter even Jordan needed Kukoc
Came off the bench like put me in for you coach
All these new rappers nothing short of Glucose
Sucio, Puto , Got old money on the jeans of my parasuco
And you know I stay on my grind I'm hitting loop holes
I'm shaq you minuk bol I'm D 1 you Juco
I'm mr miyagi you Danny larusso
You too slow to keep up Too soft to speak up
Nerves around me like weed heads and Pee cups
Robbed on your re up smashing your V up and
Just to get a pa** in the Hood your bringing me Up
But I'm a soldier never did fam need ya
I am who I say that I am
You amnesia Fam
If you plan to go Ham I can't feed
My Flow be the bubonic plague you spitting fevers

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