Proudda Be Undaground Lyrics

???????? (Ligalize) Lyrics

I wonder people be rushing
bluntless stuff ?
I gotta say i gotta say broke up like this
 monstas of rap ?
dumb, передам i look sad bring ‘em back give ‘em shot from the Sling
I give my sling like a shot
I don’t like babkas, i go hard
to say that you fly hard
it’s funny to see, it was like flesh and the knife
So many mc’s tryna battle the stage but most of them with the wack rhymes

With mad faces screaming like Onyx
But Moscow ? like it
What the reason to attempt to paying attention to something trash
They smoking hash and slicking around
Yet, yet ? case
You got them at one place
Told them they will ? the stage
And they just ? the base
cuz they’re cool and naive
And that’s like

cuz it paid enough to avoid compet**ion
They’re in the mission but sound sloppy

That’s why it’s hard to be noticed
But we got no time to waste
And that’s the end of your career, cause we’ll kick your a** out
Elvis D grab the mic and say we prouda be underground

What a damn is going on Slingshot

for your crimes?
words face to face
Now we all rolling stones
And i’m gonna tell you, listen
Let me flop on my own when I’m blunt I’m self a**ured
And you know
To bring I can’t stand it
You all promises cut my head off
Make it bluff bluff
Your skills to mess with Slingshot
Enough with the fairy tales
Cause i’m fool? huh huh?
I see you drop your eyes

But what is it
Pulling faces like on while we rapping and dancing
Plenty shocking checks

You me as a rival
That’s athletic compete, my underground hit
Forget it, cause my head will always go deeper and deeper
You will If you let me against
Petty boy proposes cost nothing
But he bluffing again like i’ll give you this i’ll give your that bla-bla-bla
But what is this
I hate myself i used to be under your
But now i’m my own master
Growing faster, rapping like sound blaster
And you stick to your old style, ata-ta, ata-ta
And Imma laughing
Another clown show give to the crowd, let me out
Compet**ion old school
We so surprised, cause this time I stay wise
Mutha sucks и fool pay heavy price for that

You wanna be a superstar but I’m proud be underground

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