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?reezy Lyrics

Late 90s i came up on that corner store
Momma said it's f**k a girl i got a baby boy
Grew up in the streets ain't never had it easy bro
Grew up thinking about the day I'd see a gucci store
Ain't no capping on my toes i made a hunnid racks
Kept on stacking till the day i saw a milli flat
Next thing i fell in love it was a real deal
Then shawty broke my heart my n***a that's the real deal
Hustle 24/7 there ain't no stopping G
Momma said go get the bag they ain't no stopping me
Grew up cold they ain't trusting on the streets,I Always keep a Glock when i be sleeping in the sheets
I made a brick right out the gutter that's on God bro
Next thing i hopped inside of rap they called me God flow
I've lost a lot people who the f**k are you to me
I keep on grinding till the day i see the major key
My souls dead i feel nothing when I'm coming through
Don't disrespect me I'll put a bullet in your brother too
I got pain that i hide from all these peeping dudes
I can't say nothing around you cause If you snooze you lose
My eyes saggy these days i swear i don't get no sleep
I wrote this in 2hrs that's how deep it is
I used to daydream and picture all the finer things
Now when i go to sleep all i see are Desiigner dreams
I'm so faded you can blame it on the codeine
You cap a little imma run up with my whole team
I've put my life on the line way too many times
I can't tell you how many times a little n***a cried
I was down Below but now i got my head up
Balling every Summer like kobe
I got My bread up
Fed up
Trapping so hard right out the bando
Selling crack, pushing white coke right out the condo
"nember back when i was down when i was dead broke
Momma put her feet down almost got her jaw broke
She put food up on the table
Until a n***a was able
To put a range up in her front door
In her front
I was trapping right there right out the corner
They call me Reezy..

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