Privacy Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics


I need my own space
But that simple fact, you ain't understand it
Always in my face Ey!
All you want to seem to do is talk about my personal issues
Take my kindness for weakness and then
I thought we was on some other sh*t man
You try to cover sh*t
Now I got to change location, got to change numbers
Hidin' out, sittin' back waitin' till' you ridin' out
I thought I told you it was just between me and you
Now you told your boo, and she told too, and they told a few
Man, you got it mixed up, now I'm in a fix up
Just cuz' your a** needed a quick buck
I said

Let me be
Let my have my privacy
Let me be

Come here
You, have, been, a, bad, boy!
Come here
You, have, been, a, bad, boy!

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