Prey! Lyrics

?itzaidyn Lyrics


Prey, keep an AK
You gon' die today
Pull it out and show to yo' face
Clean it up like Billy Mase
Go fast gotta keep my pace
Smokin' that sh*t it be laced
Bound the wreck
All my shootas keep a case
And this song got ba**
You better say yo grace
Kill you without a trace
You just a waste of space
Always keep a straight face
That just made my day
You just might be prey
You gon' die today
Haha, yuh
Me and Aidyn in this b*t*h, yuh
Yuh, lets get it

The songs finna slap, it's gonna be a banger
We about to own this sh*t, no sh*t, no cap, realsome sh*t
Slatt slatt

Yuh, I'm strapped, more bars than Cat in the Hat
Don't talk back, I'ma grill you just like Riff Raff
It ain't cheap when I talk that's facts, uh
I got clout 'cuz I sound young, no cap
Grills in my mouth, talk ain't cheap
Shoutout to X, may he rest in peace
Hop on a beat, then I bring the heat
Tell all of my haters just leave me be
Heater make him run like he racin'
I'ma pa** the mic to Jason
Finna pa** the mic to me
All these b*t*hes got beef
They wanna hop on my meat
You gon' count some sheep
Don't wanna hear a peep
Pullin up' like lil jeep
And that Glock I keep
That gas pack it reak
Finna kick yo teeth
Dodgin' sh*t all week
12 inches that's a feet
Uh, what?

[Outro: JSA X}
Me and Aidyn killed this sh*t bro
Pa** that sh*t back

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