Pray! Lyrics

808vic Lyrics

When I call on you.... x11
I know you love me from day
No be today ama say
Blessed to record where i lay
Luckily on my own wave
All of ma demons away
Unto you Lord ama pray
I’ve been so lost in this place
I’ve been at war with this cage
Casually offered a face
They finna talk at ma name
Lately been off but ok
This life in office
All contours innocuous
Business hours unconcerned
I was crawling mudded up
Ain't learned enough to walk this world oh no
Then I called on you .... x3
When I call...

I Know you love me from time, tipe tipe no be lie
Even when I dey fumble, know say your love no dey die
Been tryna find my way, tryna find my place
Time to conversate with you 'cause I cannot do it on my own
So I, so I...
Call, call on you
I call, call on you
Call, call on you
So I, call on you

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