Praise The Lord….. And Pass The Ammunition Lyrics

57th Street Rogue Dog Villians Lyrics

This ones for them hoes hatin' on my Rolls Royce
Its what you choose, so its on now
Bringing pain Hogg style
??? praise the Lord
I love you ??? bringing back ??? ammunition
Heaven soldiers on a mission
Conquer and destroy, to defeat the weak
Wicked when we creep, n***as can't withstand this f**king heat
You best retreat, gone off the realer
Ima killer
In attack mode
Puff some weed, PCP keeps me blowed
On these streets ain't no bible, just survival of the fittest
Homicidal sh*t gets vital, on these streets I'm a witness
??? is blasphemous, then let me ask you this
Face to face, trigger to trigger, with a killer, would you blast a b*t*h
Or would you be the b*t*h, ready to tuck your d**k
Praying to get out this sh*t and hoping you can call it quits

Rat-tat-tat-tat n***a
??? be my last words
Put away this Midwest flesh watch me emerge through a Mossberg
Confess for your soul therefore you beg for my mercy
Praise the Lord, let's kill 'em all, ????
F**k 'em
My metamorphouses is more than just be ????
????? some ungodly source, I am not wrong for this
Devilish indeed but I
At night I drop to both knees
And after prayer I rise, with a 4-5 clutched to my hand
Yell out death before dishonor, cause I'm high 'til I land
And I dare, n***a-n***a warfare
Who's there in a midst of killas
There'll be no fear if I die here, let me rest with my n***as
Midwest my ashes, till ??? emerge
Blast they a** till they hurt us
Free at last, I surpa** for my purpose
Cowards die a thousand deaths they say
Well if so, give me one more coward to lay to rest today
Sell me they soul, snort the yo, 'til we place 'em in plastic
7 days I laughed, take they caskets, cowardly b*st*rds
Down to go to war with all my Rouge Dog hawgs
Give all praises to my Lord, if I fall then I fall

I hope I live to see a thousand days
A thousand ways
N***as retreat, put 'em to sleep
Born and raised in these streets
Fully equipped, ready to rip sh*t
Trip with a n***a that trip with me
Earn my stripes, all my life
What would I look like overseas
Under siege
N***a we in Armageddon, grab your weapon
Cowards coward, Heaven soldiers
Load your clips, keep on steppin'
Hate to hear my battle cry
God protect my G's if I
Lose my life, where's my soul
Let my Rogues, slay my foes
Praise the Lord, pa** my vest
Give me the strength off the hemp
Picture me camouflaged, mobbin' ???
Been a soldier since my youth
So much love for my troopers
Born America-killas
Young n***as with chrome triggas, jones'n
Closing in on them last days
Let them fakers get penetrated
With a gauge, I rage
Made, to be heartless in this game, til I'm slain
WAR Hawker, sleep walker, for the sh*t that I claim

In the name of the Father
My saga, continues to bother
Motherf**kers so abominable
Cause they ??? Pearl Harbor
Mad at Nina cause I'm living my life Jabba
But I don't slobber, over ménage à trois
Cause b*t*hes get your blood from thick heated lava
All n***as will get shot, b*t*hes will get caught
And if you thinking of hurting my peoples
I ask the Lord, is it ok for you to get popped
And with his permission, I'll grab the ammunition
And start dismissing, the hissing of haters, listen
I won't stop till I see that thick red stuff glisten'n
The master, told me to pa** the
Ammunition, pop and catch casper
Damn you demons for creating such a disaster
So ??? laugher, we out to evil that's lurking off in the pastor
Running ??? Ima blast, my bullets capture
??? California, live the rapture
Protected, by the armor of God
And Satan ??? Ima treat
To his overtaking of the Generation X ???
So if praising the Lord, and pa**ing the ammunition is wrong
I don't wanna be right, we coming to fight, put out your lights
N***a we praise Him

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