Praise Him More Lyrics

1K Pson Lyrics

I admit I ain't never been perfect
And I guess that's a part of my purpose
When I'm talkin' to God I get nervous
All of these blessings I'm so undeservin'
He see past my sin
Could be dead with my face on a shirt
In the trenches where demons are lurking, we convert and bring 'em to church
a body along with a
She feelin worthless
She be drinkin' but still feelin' thirsty

Not a problem, cuz He love them first

On a block, he servin' them
she poppin' them

Generation we breakin' the curse
In the streets we just spreadin' the hope
I'm a sheep but they call me the goat

Pop a holy ghost party
They goin' dumb like retarded
Shine like a diamond in

No fiji, but I'm drinkin' from the living water fountain
on a new mountain
Try to count me out, who countin'
Cuz you can't really count so bounce
And I can see you hatin' from sidelines
No matter what you say God said it's my time
So I stay readin' my Bible
Still flowin' from like a jet
Choked up boutta hit 'em with the Heimlich

I'ma do what God say like simons
We gonna have a good time don't need no
Holy drip don't need no
You gon' have your time just
I can feel it when the Spirit take the floor
No matter what the the blessings start to pour
[Chorus: 1k Pson}
They try to take me out, they try to shut me down
They wanna take my place, they wanna steal my crown
Fillin' my mind with doubt, I need to be restored
When it feel like I lost my way
I gotta praise him more

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