Prada Walkin’ Lyrics

33 Life Lyrics

Thi-Thi-Thirty Three Life

Every time I come around
Someone's tryna bring me down, ohh

Woke up today, and I feel like ballin'
Came with my gang and you know that we all in
Tatts on my face and my neck, b*t*h I'm all in
A-and you know I Prada walked in
All this and I'm feelin' walkie talkie
Try to play me wrong, so I burn 'em like Wasabi
Boy thought he was swaggin' but he shop at Zumiez
but it's feelin' like it's
and I'm feelin' like some broccoli
I-I-I got hella the guap, and it's green like some parsley
I-I-I'ma do it all, everything they said I couldn't be
I never went to cla**, so I could give a f**k about history
They never believed in me
I could tell that shawty into me
Ooo wash like some Listerine
Got my watch,

Yeah, pull up in a Tesla, and my car just parked itself
I was down bad, and I had nobody's help
Throw the money on myself, just like a wishing well
Tell that b*t*h I wish her well

Woke up to the money, need designer
I need to wear two 'fits, I'm not hot enough
You , sh*t, I feel like Sub-Zero
Had to go buy a 'cause I'm reppin' ATL
Thirty three. thirty three, thi-thirty three, that's my
Try to f**k with the bro, man you got me stuck
I'll put some holes in your sh*t, make sure it won't flow

Put some f**kin' 'cause you can't spit sh*t
You difficulty on amateur, I hit a lick
All matte and with the hit stick
Chop him down, if he was a smoker, he just quit

Every time I come around
Someone's tryna bring me down, ohh

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