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?illuminati hotties Lyrics

Watching Time Square on a tiny TV
Will their buddies even like me?
Kissin' at the stroke of twelve
Stumblin' off to slime you in the cozy cabin
Cushy mommy, three hours north of the Mojave
Lickin' at a salty pond
Lickin' on what turns you on

The downbeat of a brand new year
I'm still scared you hardly care

Until you brought me to your beachfront condo
Whispered, "I'm in love with you, Tud"
Half-off at a tiki bar
Mellow moonlight on the carpet
Even only slightly zooted
Everything seems lush with you, kid
I know who could drive us home
Next time, let's invite them both

The downbeat of a brand new year, ah-ah-ah-ah
And all its biggest fears
I mean, I'm not some stylish soothsayer
And I was not expectin' her

But then you took off with a howlin' heavy
Hopeless heat on 2020
Guess I am the lesser man
Guess I am the drugstore brand
But I still work hard, plus I’m cheaper
If it matters, people pleaser
How'd ya miss the sheep clothes?
Trade your puppy for a wolf

The downbeat of a brand new year
I know now you hardly care

How can I prove I'm a keeper?
If it matters, people pleaser

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