Please Come to Our House Lyrics

2016 Broadway Cast of Falsettos Lyrics


Dr. Mendel, please

Dr. Mendel, vis-a-vis what Marvin did
Or rather, hasn't done

You must exorcise a devil
'Cause it inhabits Marvin's son

This is Mendel Weisenbachfeld

Trina, how are you?

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Please come to our house
And talk a bit with Jason
It's a slight exaggeration
But he's sick in the head
Oh, sure
Sometimes, you'll think he's wonderful
But he's wild
I'm sure he's Marvin's child

What should I say to the man?
Should I be mean to the man?

Just be yourself

I'll be myself?

Stop asking questions. Be yourself

I'll be myself!

Don't be disgusting. Be yourself!
Go, go, go, go

Hello to my house
So good of you to travel
On account of my unraveling
Now let's eat some food

Let's talk

I think, before the food gets cold

Time to jaw
First, I'll extend my paw

I think she's holding it so tenderly
I'll probably faint
If so
I'd rather die in this position
Than remain the saint
You think
You know
I'm not
I must be showing better-than-the-norm restraint

Oh, what a lovely table
Such a romantic table
Knives in place
Lots of space
To spread out and eat
Notice how our eyes discreetly...

Please come to our house
The dinner's on the table
We will talk if we are able to
But probably we won't
We sit

The kid looks pretty miserable


Ain't that the truth?

We're tired

I think the room looks just a wee bit small

This girl agrees


I'll wait outside
And hold the food

I do not eat at all at times like these

The worst is through

There's work to do

I'll wait

She'll wait

They'll wait

I'll wait for you

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