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70th Street Carlos Lyrics

Can't trust a... nobody faithful
Look, prayin’ for me 'cause my... hateful
N***as... ones who you go out the way for
Real... on my team like them n***as play for me
Uh, uh, I ain't talkin’ maple
Finna, yeah, bang bang
Look, look, 'sup with it? Uh
Look, look, brrah, look

I can't trust a b*t*h 'cause ain't nobody faithful
My mama prayin' for me 'cause my heart hateful
These n***as fake, it be the ones who you go out the way for
Real hitters on my team like them n***as play for me
I be sippin' on syrup, I ain’t talkin’ maple
Finna get another line, I ain't talkin’ taper
I be on that hot take, I just love the flavor
I put it in, she told me, "Boy, I feel it in my navel"
I'll cut a b*t*h off quick just like some f**kin' cable
N***as stay beggin' but can’t bring sh*t to the table
Don't wanna talk, don't call my phone if it ain't 'bout no paper
They say life a gamble, well get the dice and shake 'em
N***a 'posed to be makin' money, they let money make 'em
Five on his head, well give it here, sh*t, I'll take him
Police get behind me, sh*t, I'll shake 'em
Run up on me, brrah-bah-bah, as-salamu alaykum
Ain't never hated on no n***a, that don't run up in my blood
F**kin' with b*t*h a** n***as, man, you act just like a stud
Everything I got, I earned, b*t*h, I got it out the mud
Let me know what you wan' do, b*t*h, we can get it up in blood
Hold up, wait, I'm full of lean
New Glock with the beam
N***a, it ain't what it seems
Bullet hot, it make you scream
Brrah-bah-bah, smash your whole team
Old b*t*h a**

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