?plants vs zombies Lyrics

?i9bonsai Lyrics

Hey now, one show
Don't care, don't go
Runnin' off to the past
Been gone, two times
When I walk through the party
I see everybody but they looking for me
Plants Vs Zombies
Smokin' on the gas now and they all up on me
See me at the red light
Lookin' up at the star lights
Pulled over I see flashlights
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout my past life
New life, new heir
Runaway 'cause I'm scared
Staring at the mirror
Gettin' darker not clearer
Runnin' through my head now
Let it all stop cause thinkin' of a baddie
And I know that she know that I'm clueless
And I know that she know that I'm fluent
What I know now, new trues and I'm up and down
My head wavers from time to time
Club lights everyday and every f**king night
My mind is always flustered
And my thoughts are always cluttered

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