Pine Bluff Variant Lyrics

?nAvvvi ? Lyrics

Psylocibyn straight for breakfast
I dont want it please dont shove it
Mescaline for lunch
Think you messed me up
Opium as an appetizer
You dont love me unless I'm higher
You dont want me cut the wire
Fill my IV with all that happy stuff
Give me more I can't have enough

Pcpeeping tom watching me embalmed in fluids
Bloody palms gripping on that spinal fluid
Walls are oozing
Hit the ceiling fan and stick inside my mouth I can't deroot it
Life and limb for dangerous substances
Time and time again I wish for dividends
Swipe me off the curb
Sniff me off the dirt
You're everything I wish to go against

Bottom of the bottle
Shake the world right upside down
Bottom of the barrel
Spin the world till it dry out

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