PigMan (Minecraft Parody of Pacman by eaJ) Lyrics

?nhoJ Lyrics

My redstone is getting turned on, and it's all 'cause of you
Pigman says oink, but it wants to moo
Keep spamming shift 'cause I wanna see what it do
My pickaxe broke, but I'm still digging for you

Portal to portal, lava flows over
Will I find the fortress soon?
Getting closer and closer, pigman all over
Killing blazes on my way to you

Don't punch me, punch trees
No, don't dig down
Mine with me 'til our death

Steve, lava is burning me now
Tryna put water down
But the ground is hotter than you
Pigman, love my gold crown
My loot's all over the ground
I leave my diamonds to you

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