?photos of you Lyrics

?convolk Lyrics

This is the last time you'll see me
Believe me

This is the last time you'll see me
Believe me
Or not, I don't really care
Drove by in my van and she wasn't even there
I'm fallin' apart while you're playing with his hair
Probably gonna f**k but do you even dare?
A lot of people say I'm losing control
I think I know where I should go
F**k sleep, I don't ever wanna let go
Don't let go

Under the bed, the pillows and sheets
Get out of my head, I wander the streets
It's easy to see the blood that we bleed
I'm not meant for you, you're not meant for me
I guess this is it, we'll cry till we're sick
I'm hitting continue and you're hitting quit
I'll go one way and you'll go the other
This is the last time we'll speak to another

Photos of you, I threw them away
But I can't throw away the memories
At least now we're done pretending
After all the times we said things
Okay, okay

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