Perfect Weather Lyrics

1st Vows Lyrics

I'm trying to get a clear vision
10 years from today, they cut ribbon
Honoring us and all our under achievements
For staying awake, and not american dreaming

A piece of me dies every time I fly
So I probably won't make it to my midlife
Crisis, so just let the mices, and rats in
All that I've done, I did for them

I always set 2 alarms
One to wake the other
When my battery's gone

I don't wanna hear another word
Small talk, for the bees and birds

Staring into the light
Cigarette burns your sweater
There’s gotta be something more to life than perfect weather

Staring into the light
Cigarette burns your sweater
There's gotta be something wrong with us ’cause we don't know better

Can’t imagine what I’m missing
Better tastes, better drink, better living
Burning my tongue on american pie
Oh the things that you ruin
When you’ve got nothing but time

Still a part of me
Wants to trade my life
Cross my heart and cross my wires
‘cause I might just like to taste the prices
Of the little things
All that you do, you do for them

There’s something up with the trees
They keep on changing colors
Change mine too
I want that so badly

You might as well save that for your young
‘cause everything’s worth more when you’re gone
No longer do these things belong to anyone

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