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I knew human who swore he was the son of the god
And everywhere she spread her love
They all would say he was a fraud
They said your body made of earth
We know exactly who you are
You are not special
Just like us you've been here
Trapped beneath the stars
It hurts our hearts to say it
But your words never could never save us
Lay the dirt in bloody pavement
What's it cost to make a statement
Guess it's basic human nature
To lose sight of what is sacred
I believe a baby's born without
The slightest trace of hatred
From the same school of thought
That taught me life is what you make it
If it's easier for you to resonate with something ancient
Pick a scripture and religion
Find the answer to your aching
But the last woman's image of a God
They labeled pagan
Time for modern generations to evolve the conversation
Be love and love will be
I think that's what the prophets saying
Stuck in traffic making meetings
Til the day we meet our maker
How the ones who follow faith
Hold no place for modern saviors
People write ideas we pa** em down and die for them
Everyone got questions
Makes me wonder what we hiding from
If yahshua was just a boy
Mohamed was a human being
If krishna was created in the minds
Of those who truth seeking
Seen god with open eyes
Many times as when I'm kneeling
Scared to be alive the way
That everybody used to feeling
Buddhists choose to meditate
See our souls as born again
Moses split apart the sea
To bring his people home with him
Tell me who will compensate
For all of our atrocities
Manipulate religion
To ent**le our philosophies
When those who wrote the books
The same ones who run monopoly
And these the texts that people latch on
To cope with poverty
Worshipping a white man
With blue eyes and blonde hair
When god is every color
Tell me what is going on here
I believe in all religions
Still I think they're all flawed
I don't think there's any difference
I believe we're all god

She told me nothing last forever
So today is all we've got-
And if this life is all we're given
Then it means an awful lot
To the ones who lost they faith
I hold a place inside my thoughts for you
How you sposed to trust in God
When she ain't never talked to you
Most the time the preachers
Take upon themselves to talk for you
Think for you walk for you
Saying that's what God wishes
Give the church your last dime
Convincing you it's auspicious
Watch you don't get lost in this
Take a breath of cautiousness
-If god is really here
Tell me where the goddess is
Cus I ain't into following the blind eye
Unconscious people making up
The world like we was made to suffer
Face each other
Sacred mothers asking
Why do god's children hate each other
I cud never praise the money
Guess that's why I'm making art
People say they patriots
When really they the patriarchs
Women gave us all life
To me that's just a basic part
Of understanding how religion
Undermine the matriarch
Scriptures say the world was made for
Man well I ain't taking part
Kindly I'll remind you that a woman created your heart
And mankind denying her
Is where the degradation starts
Tell me where the truth gone
Blame it on our ancestors
Questions that we can't answer
Underneath the tombstones
Walking thru the graveyard
Wonder who lay buried here
The cold air holds the souls
Of those who gone and they're our mirror
Sometimes my spirit leave my body and it's very clear
Life is only temporary
Energy is infinite
Spend our lives inside our bodies
Tryna make some sense of this
Elevate to reach a new dimension
Of our consciousness
And celebrate compa**ion
Unifying through our common senses
We're in Maya need to balance out
The earth and fire water and the ether
Take a breath the choir take you higher
You've heard this verse before
I'm saying this reminding you
Cus deep inside yourself the only place where you cud find the truth

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