People Dyin’ Everyday Lyrics

96ix Lyrics

1 shot
If you wanna get to know how to kill a single human life
2 shots
Now everybody knows, ain‘t no f**king time to make it right
3 shots
Now the whole fam together and they‘re cryin‘ while they make a light
4 shots
And your feelings go down cause the people gonna fight for their rights
5 shots
Now the whole world stops while everybody‘s looking for you
6 shots
Now you gettin‘ nervous cause you the only one that knows what‘s true
7 shots
Everything done, you got killed but that‘s nothing new
8 shots
Already gone, now the 9 for me cause I chose to be free goddamn

Couple billion people working to be safe
Couple millions paid to the system for the grave
ID, I was born with it, f**k that
My key, go without it on a step back
Low-key, keep it for you or they hold back
F**k that, I want everyone to know that

People dyin‘ everyday it‘s a job bro
See em cryin‘ full of pain, ain‘t no heart tho
One shot for that mf thinkin‘ life could be nothing better than a f**king lotto
Sip the bottle
Ah, now you feel the pain
And all the pills they‘ve put you in your brain
And your clock goes tick, tock
Don‘t stop
They really gave you a date your heart stops
Mf shoot em

People dyin‘ everyday it‘s a job tho
G gang in the house, all Pablo
Mf Wings Gang, I‘m Pica**o
Tell the truth, I‘m a f**king role model
Uh, do you believe me?
I swear these mf never gonna beat me
Cause I acknowledged and I never seen a college
I just open my ears
I face my fears
And I never hid my tears mf

And while they walkin‘ round late
I‘m out there on a mission tryna fight against the hate
I‘m out there, talk to people tryna bring em on my way
And it‘s okay if you don‘t feel the same
I play this f**king game
And I wanna use my name
One day it will never be the same
I pray to god keep my enemies away
I‘m on the road everyday and I don‘t wanna die today

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