Peacock* Lyrics

Quelly Woo Lyrics

Like, Lu-Lu, Nicky
Dead opps, stupid, dead n***as, like

Wait, like, look

Who gon' do what? Like
N***a, pa** me that G-Lock, I let it sing like PnB Rock
Speakin' on TDott, get hit in your tree top
I met a baddie, she know how to move it
Sho-Shorty pretty like a peac*ck
Knock in my pants, she thought it was me c*ck
I like how she dance, shorty booty too

Po-Pop two Percs, I'm failin' to think
I'm lettin' it swing
You can't search me, I got the bing
Pop me a Addy, it's helpin' me think
I'm not bowlin', but I get to strikin'
I-I make that nina clap, it's so delightin'
Life short, baby, why is we fightin'?
Her-Her pu**y magic, she could make it tighten
Da-Damn, cuz in the field like a T**an
Wa-Walk Down Gang like a
Wa-Wait, I mean if you wrong
I'm tryna right
Make it lit if we
Cross the line

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