Pass The Buck Lyrics

2 Skinnee J’s Lyrics

Rumor has it that there's been a job botched
That the balls been dropped by hands made of blocks
Blame bounces back and forth like a shuttlec*ck
But give it back to me and it gets ill got
Oh no, you must be mistaken
I abhor your tortures, but there will be no confessions from me
My lips are locked like vaults
Well you can call me San Andreas, but it's not my fault
I heard the rumor had a rendezvous
Well yes it came on by my place but it pa**ed right through
I've made mistakes before yes I must be fair
I swear I saw you drop the ball like that New Years Times Square
Where did the ball drop it took a walk
Sailed like Argonauts, fled like Huguenots
Across the sea to Canada thrown like potato, hot
And it lands in the hands of the nappy head

I rise to my defense, counsel, approach the bench
Relaxed in the past, but I'm in the present tense
Acquitted by my diction my conviction
Appeals to the fabrication of the fiction
Never tell a lie, well maybe just a little one
But if you wanna point a finger, heres the middle one
I pa** the buck like Lindros pa** the puck
Paparazzi, wanna drag me into the muck, what the!
I don't think so I, I sink so you'll get the picture
I solemnly swear on a stack of scriptures
Script was written and I'm just an actor
Tryin to pull through all the bull like a tractor
Attractive as a scapegoat, but I'm sorry
Have to find fault in the folks that came before me
I checked it, it was wrecked when I arrived here
But give them an inch; they'll take a light year

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