Part I, The First Fight Lyrics

6aamm Lyrics

You build a certain about of trust and it's like, alright man, like, I believe at least that you're gonna try your best. That's all you -- that's really what it is. Like hey, I believe you're not going to purposely disrespect my a** or try to f**k my sh*t up

You been playing, I been playing
Why're we playing love
You been faking, I've been faking
Why are we faking love
You been taking all I offer
But you ain't offering nothin
The time is now for you to come back to me

I'm tired of playing these games

I want to give you my name
If you have a question we can talk about it
If you don't baby lets not talk at all
I'm gonna, make love to you all night if you let me

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