Page 13 Lyrics

8corpses Lyrics

Penned this sh*t in the Necronomicon on page 13
Tormented by the evil that I spawned
Tryna hurt me
The darkness takin' over all of those
That surround me
Fought off the evil dead and now they all workin' for me
Slowly but surely
Battlin' the demons that I'm summoning, they huntin' me
Odd occurrences occurring and they are quite puzzling
It's troubling
My own reflection turnin' on me
All my problems keep on doubling
The bridge that I crossed is crumbling
Stuck inside of this hell, I know the darkness is lovin' me
And I'm startin' to love it back
Threshold surpa**ed, no goin' back
My mind is not intact
In fact, I think it's long gone
Demons tauntin', want me dead by dawn
Make a weapon out a setback, fill the void of what was lost
Ask me for a handout, greet you with a chainsaw
Suffer on until the pain's gone
Turn an L into a checkmate
Became a knight from a pawn

Sayin' that the road is bumpy is an understatement
Murderous neurodivergent
Convoluted with these tangents
Keep that sh*t tucked
Like a marsupial
Bringing death is visceral
But I always move methodical
Nothing will find you
Not even the luminol
Immolate your corpse
Spectating it getting burned
Ripping apart your flesh like pulled pork
The visuals quenching the evil in me that was parched
Remove you from this life
More gruesome then a bailiff
This is your a**a**ination
Juggle your limbs like a celebration
It's time for dissection
Keepin' you awake
With injections
There's no stopping it
Like contraception
Your way of life is a contradiction
You're pro prohibition then go and drink for recreation

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