?itzaidyn Lyrics

Yuh, shoutout neko, uh, uh
We be shootin' through peepholes
Uh, yuh, yuh, aye

Shoutout neko
We be shootin' through peepholes
If a hater talk down on me, I'ma get real lethal
Hit 'em with that choppa, send 'em to the docta'
Hit 'em with that stick, we ain't talkin' Harry Potter
I got that sauce just like some pasta
PACKWATCH be the crew, and you ain't on the roster
Yuh, aye, aye, yuh, aye
Get 'em gone, uh-huh, like magic
R-I-P, his death was real tragic
He was suicidal I guess we let 'em have it
Runnin' through yo city and then we wreak havoc
You's a fake, uh-huh, you's a snake, uh-huh
Chop yo body up, throw it in the lake, uh-huh
Why do you hate, uh-huh, you're a mistake, uh-huh
I'm 14 and make better music than you can make, uh-huh

This song was like a minute, uh
Yeah, aye, haha, yuh, aye

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