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Meetings in the Sky Lounge, marijuana fragrance
Blew it in the garden, used to wake up the neighbours
Late night, mummy told me put the trash out
That's when I went to roll a spliff and put the match down
My lifestyle tricky, I’m from a matched town
Late nights was blunts, early mornings was hash browns
Egg muffins with the luggage 'cause we gotta go
We the '96 Bulls, fam, we on a roll
Before the mixtapes, it was Sellotape
Robbery time, you couldn’t tell me I could sell a tape
Back when my days used to start with some Ready Brek
Had to levitate, put my mind in a better state
Givenchy sneakers on the ward cah they fit proper
Switched styles, now I've gotta see the 'fit doctor
I ain't sick, brothers
It's like they tryna plot a hit on us
Gucci snorkel, extra clips on us
Driving through my town, it's all gentrified
But when I was in my teens, they were petrified
I'm a simple guy blessed with a rebel's mind
Moving like an old king, I need seven wives
I need men of honour ’round me, I need good credit
They’re living fast and dying young becah the hood said it
Washed, old, and still living off of buj debits
Ain't no beef I’d still have if I could dead it
The boy king, the professional, the overseer
I told you hustlers don't die from my older years
They love to gossip on the ends but won't go in there
I teach the youth but learned the game from my older peers
The commission, no intermission
No intermediates, held cla**, but they didn't listen
Now we far out on a big mission
We need the big bag, they fold when they kid’s missing

What you're doin' ain't makin' no sense
The feds are going to be on you like mad
I don't give a f**k who's coming for me
I'm back, Jamie
And I'm back for good

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