Our Friend Departs Lyrics

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As we watched, the planet did split
And he turned his back on us, said no goodbyes
We watched him walk into the sunrise
And this is not the end that we wanted
Though we could see this coming a mile away
It still pains me to this day
And we would never be like that
We hold together and break our bonds for no one
No matter how hard it is to see ourselves
Collapsing in and breaking apart
To know that this is happening
Could not break our spirits at all
Though we know what must become of us

It was the choice that he made
He said it would make him happy this way
But I can't seem to forgive him
No matter how much I may know that he's right
And I follow through if only to know
If this is the road I'd be better to go
But I pull myself back, it's better to suffer here
Than to learn that we might've been wrong

Things ain't been so hot around here
In the absence of our friend
I would like to say that we've all forgiven him
Though I know only some of us did
I had a dream that we were making up
And we were all together again
And he told us the cause of his anger
And all the things that we did not give

That all he really wanted was someone to talk to
Someone to rely on
Someone to confide in when the times got hard
We weren't there, he said
And someone to convince him that things would be okay
Even though we all knew what was coming to us in the end
And someone to play pretend with and act like life was good
Someone who would know and who would act
Like he was ever really there at all
And I woke up in anguish
Because the truth is
That he's never going to get it

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