Opp Thot Lyrics

$wagg Lyrics

Shawwty say she want me she an Opp thot
Trynna have my baby make my block hot
Plus I heard she burnin me that hot shot
Check it I know six b*t*hes that gimme opp top

And in my trunk I got a thot shot
And if I pop that b*t*h
We pop the whole block
Last thing I ever do is be a c*ck dock
Cuz I know these hoes is probably f**kin with the Opps
Pull up on they block and make they heart stop
For bed I brought that mace so u can't tell the cops
And all u n***as fake and so it need to stop
How u cryin over two and you from O'Block
I got killers facin life up in them cell blocks
And no game this ain't no joke
They gimme red dots
She ain't playing with she doing she get headshots
So I pa** her to my mans
Man I should sell thots
Salute to shoulders free my guys
Free my f**kin pops
If you lackin then its crackin
No lacks a pop watch
Showty runnin she do Dinos Give'em head bops
Try to set me up please smoke it like a Opp thot

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