Olde E Lyrics

1st Vows Lyrics

Maybe we could boogie to some oldies?
Sip OJ in some olde e
'cause I missed out on too many good mornings
Too much sleep, with cold feet

I just wanna tap gloves with the old me
Make him proud of my run in with the police
I don't need a set of arms to come and hold me
Just a pretty face to ride my bicycle towards

Hey, hey
Don't f**k with my heart
That's what she said to me

Staring in the bathroom mirror
Lookin' like I can't remember where I've been for days
Loud enough for the neighborhood to hear her
When she loves me, when she don't fall asleep

I'm gone in the morning
Body still in bed, but I'm out exploring
A million different ways to cure this case of boring
You can't relate to this, so what's the point

Hey, hey
Don't f**k with my heart
Hey, hey
Don't f**k with my heart

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