Okage The Shadow King (kitty version) Lyrics


They say "X is just a city b*t*h," ya feel me
But it's not even gon' be that bad
I just been chillin', bruh

Rap rigorous
Ace the plate, killin' sh*t
Pace is great, villainous
Filling the plate, p*ssing p*ssing all over your pu**y pedestal
So skeptical, little edibles, spread 'em, then I'ma wet 'em
Forget 'em, I'll never let 'em, regret 'em
No scope, they scatter, coke flow like batter
Blood drain like batteries, all you n***as is calories
Get burned, this finger, your b*t*h squirm
I'm rigorous, just learn, you n***as should take turns
I pop that pu**y like an Adderall
N***as will act as if they powerful, but got they backs against the wall against the wall
I never give in on my n***as, get bigger, my n***a, and pa** the stretcher I never give in on my n***as, get bigger
Part of the reason part of the reason I focus on livin' this second and pa** the pressure
Mister, Mister, Mister, Mister, get ya coke slang, like
This is like Mike Vick, I'm vic- vic- vic - vicious and misfit
Don't fit like fitness
So fit, but sh*t get dissed, on fleek sh*t, my wrists on slit, b*t*h
My d**k my d**k my d**k my d**k might get wet
Sh*t like a**-crack
Wigs might split quick, but slow to fight back
N***as in Chiraq, shootin' like Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq
Death to Jah's soldiers, bust your kneecaps
I came to murder you n***as, no need to fight back
No need to fight back
No need to fight back, yeah
Turn me off, yeah

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