October, Pt. 2 Lyrics

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Second time I dropped a tape I lost a lot of attention
Couple fake people in the studio tryna profit
And the most of y‘all shorties still ain’t gotten to my mentions
That‘s just being real and a lot of y‘all never really heard of that sh*t
A lot of y‘all never really seen me on a 3-1 Cavalier deficit
I was tryna get a way from places of contention
Got up with the 4 track tapie on my time line
Cruisin‘ down streets, been a wild life
I would rather fight a fake brother than to have 'em on my line-up
Yeah that‘s true whеn the time‘s up
8180, see ya on the othеr side when I made it
Listen to me when I say it
I be takin shots til nobody can take it, yeah
Is there everyone awake? Yeah
And still I am the kid, I got the pen in my hand
I always tried to get it, y‘all will never understand
You‘ll never see the angle of the point that I stand on
You‘ll never see the messages I‘ve drawn in the sand
People backstage got it f**ked up
And on my way home I was charged up
It‘s been a milestone, it will change up
Yeah, I‘m still waiting for your wake-up
Word to BIG, I get the fruits, yeah the good ones
October: This is part 2 like the shook ones
I finna master Kung Fu like I’m Smith‘s son
So I go Jaden, gotta show that I‘m an icon
I go crazy cause that‘s my song, yeah
Sound check, turn the mic on, yeah
Only time that I‘m on my own
So I gotta treat that sh*t like it is my own

Yeah, yeah
So I gotta treat that sh*t like it is my own

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