Ocean Eyes* Lyrics

Quelly Woo Lyrics

Wait, huh

Sh*t get real in the field
I keep a steel 'cause it's kill or be killed, like
See six on my heels
Gotta get low, see six on my heels, like
Was down bad, do you know how it feel?
the best and she like how it feel
All this pain, don't know how to heal
Ocean eyes when I'm on the drill
Blue eye, dragon
Heart cold like I'm an Alaskan
With the 'rippies, like, baby, what's crackin'?
Said I get her wet like a crackhead, like
Lu-Lu bussin' so I cannot pa** it
with me, he all about madness, like
Pour a four, it's curin' the–, uh
Pour a four 'cause it's curin' the sadness, likе
Why these opp n***as talkin' like that?
Likе that boy ain't get rocked out his cap

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