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?thebreathingbackwards Lyrics

| thebreathingbackwards |

Tread slow when the breath goes cold
Backwards with the sedative soul
F**king exhausted and lo and behold
There is nothing of value I know I could show

I'm stuck in the back of the pack
Sarcasm covering feelings I lack
I say that I'm fine I just need to relax
But I hit the sack inside an insomniac so

This is a note to the fam
Sorry for being the man that I am
I took all the privilege you dropped in my hand
And used it to salvage a nothingness plan

I promise
I'm grateful
Cause happiness seeming so fateful
But how are these demons still praiseful
When I'm here disgraceful
Why am I so f**king hateful

| unknxwn. |

Heart of unknxwn. becomes shattered & scatterd
Removed from my chest to be beaten and battered
Don't say you love me cause I never mattered
My life is becoming a depressing pattern

Feel out of place everywhere that I go
When I'm happy I really just put on a show
Broken & broken but I never glow
Got progressive depression I'm callin' it flo

Like fly when I follow to the light I get zapped
Like ground I am stepped on, like twigs ima snap
And I'd show you my mind but that sh*t isnt mapped
If I give you a tour then you might just get trapped
Wanna be happy without the pretending
Just want it end cause I hate this beginning
Hate waking up and I'm not even kidding
My care for this life is in constant descending

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