NoCap Lyrics

30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murdaa Lyrics

Just hit a b***on, Morty, give me a beat
Oh, man, okay, alright, um
Hey Hollo, turn me up
Sav goin' crazy

I keep me an orange and a blue rag
If we got that to do, we gon' do that
Tried to pull off, left his sh*t on two flats
It was me and big Grimeyy and Doo Bandz
We just dropped Doobie off, got a two man
They gon' suck us and f**k us for two grams
Real bosses, you know I salute them
Fake n***as cappin', we pull up and shoot them, gang
I step for the 30s, I step for the 'Ville
Them n***as cappin', ain't steppin' for real
I work that chrome, while Freak work that wheel
She suckin' my balls, she gave me the chills
Murdaa keep itchin', I'm off of the pills
I step for the 30s, I step for CN
Servin' the city, DP got the fin
Glock ten millimeter, but I got the slim
F**k all the goofies, them n***as my kids
Glock got the fifty, the stick on the SIG
F**k up your waves, I'm splittin' your wig
We know he flip burgers, pulled up to his gig
We do it for Neen and we do it for Jigs
Just bought a shovel, I'm ready to dig
Deeberry home, he done with his bid
Don't got no pressure, they sellin' that mid
Hold up, won't drop the window 'cause they tinted five
But, if we did drop 'em, know somebody died
B*t*h, come shop with me, 'cause this fin have you fried
Ain't givin' out samples, so don't even try
Don't take less than fifty, don't come with no fives
He tried some of these, hit the floor, damn near died
We do it for Streetz and we do it for Slime
Do a drill, crush some Percs, now I feel like I'm flyin'
Move out the nest and come cop you a P
I'm thumbin' through hundreds from juggin' that tree
What DP be jamming'll put you to sleep
I got me some bodies, on that, I can't speak
She kiss on my neck while she play with my meat
I crack from the back, then I pull out and skeet
Put up the Bharger, I just got a Jeep
Link for a trade, we playin' for keeps
Caught a few bodies, but can't even speak on it
Goofies' location, we get it and creep on it
Everybody shooters, so no, I won't sleep on 'em
Goofies keep talkin', we let choppers speak on 'em
I'm slappin' her a**, so I pull out and skeet on it
Just came to f**k, girl, I ain't come to freak on you
Won't be your man 'cause I'll f**k 'round and beat on you
Call up your homies, I put 30 Deep on 'em
I step for the Tracks and I step for the Rose
My n***as grimy, they steppin' on toes
Caught his a** sleeping, got slumped with his pole
She ain't got no weave, then I'm pullin' her 'fro
N***as ain't steppin', I guess they leg broke
How you got a gun, but you scared to tote?
B*t*h, call me Cee Marley, I want all the smoke
Caught the speed on Grand, balled down Tower Grove
He say he want beef that he can't even chew
Was waitin' on the bus, sh*t, we peep, bust a U
He ran with his thumper, he ain't even shoot
We got on his bumper, he ran, left a shoe
Let's go switch up the whips, and he won't have a clue
I got on his a**, hopped out, hit him with two

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