NoCap, Pt. 2 Lyrics

30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murdaa Lyrics

These n***as keep comparing theirselves to us cuz on 2Crip
And on 2Crip can't no n***a
Can't no n***a compete,
Compare, can trap all that hip a** sh*t
Y'all need to fall back man
This our city we taking this motherf**ker

Slide in this charger like it was a 'Rari
I'm bucking this demon like it was a 40
Been whacking n***as since I was just shorty
She say this my baby but she telling stories
Looking for Nemo b*t*h I feel like Dory
The goofies keep capping 'til they in their glory
I f**ked a lil opp b*t*h cause I was just horny
Then slid on a brother 6 o'clock in the morn'

It's close to midnight and I lurk through the dark
If the cops lock me up I forgot what I saw
N***as be telling can't trust in the ?
So I gotta pick'em and no Ima park
When I go Neiman's I shop with a cart
He knew not to try me I guess he was smart
I moved out of town but I'm back by the Arch
Shoot'em in his back watch it come out his heart

She ain't wanna f**k now she all on my bumper
Keep texting and calling I just blocked her number
Bumping this draco it sound like the thunder
Goofies be telling but swear they 100

Pull up on him and put him on the news
I f**k b*t*hes once I don't go back to twos
I catch n***a slipping I busting ?
I f**k with some 60s but I'm a 62

I'm bouncing through traffic I'm feeling like tigger
Won't catch me slipping I keep me a blick
I'm flagging down cars like I was a ?
I'm selling that sh*t when you take when you injured
She sucking and f**king I gave her a ?
Then turned up a savage and bought her some liquor
She told me don't call her cause she got a n***a
You say that's your b*t*h then why she under my pictures?
Grimeyy too slimey that n***a be hissing
You diss on the gang then you best keep your distance
Got so many pistols don't know which one hit him
I keep me a Glock up and put up that smith
I c*cked her and blocked her now she in her feelings
Can your people test ?
The more that he hit it the more he got stiff
? don't push me because I'm a killer

Been moving Grimeyy since I was a toddler
Labeled a menace I'm sorry your honor
I keep me some forces don't f**k with no Pradas
B*t*h how you a boss but you stay with your momma?

Faking ? that ain't my facade
Bust a U on his a** and he took off like Sonic
It's too many hits b*t*h you can't hit my Chronic
This sh*t I be smoking I swear that it's toxic

They compare us to who? 2Pac and Big and Leedo and Trip
They compare us to who? You Steph with the 3 and I'm Clay with the Swish
They compare us to who? CP and hart and just throw a ?
They compare us to who? B*t*h quit all that cap and then get off our d**k

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