Nobody’s In Love Lyrics

2AM Club Lyrics

She took control, pushed me on the wall
Took me in the stall told me, "Give me what I want"
I just can't, okay I just might, yeah
I'm just saying, she hit the bathroom lights
Pressed her hands up on the tiles like, ahh
Put her skirt in my hands and told me just watch
High-heel walk through a spilled-drink floor
Can't tell what I want but I think it's more

So I wait for your eyes
I was reading your plays
Put a light to my smoke with a shotgun kiss
Find your lips through the haze
With a twist in my gla**, baby
And you whisper your name
Don't worry the sun don't concern me
The flame is a one night thing

Baby, loving the way you take me
Nobody here's gon' break me
Nobody here's in love

She took her clothes put them on hold
Saw an X on her hand she's looking for the soap
First I wouldn't go, now I'm in the cold
Parking garage with her hands on my soul
Oh, no, I'm going home
Her vicious lips feel like a razor blade poem
Razor blade eyes, tan colored thighs
A girl with a spine and a man on the side

Calling all the lovers
Late night under covers, you too

Raise your cups and gla**es
Hope for real romance to come true

But put your thoughts together
Love don't equal pleasure every night

I'm not knowing better
Just admit your game ain't quite right

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