No More Room In Hell Lyrics

701bonez Lyrics

This wicked world has got me f**ked up
No hope is left, my luck's up
I try to live righteous but the devil keeps testing me late at night as I sit up
Sometimes it seems that I possess but an evilness that lingers inside
Deep in my mind, searching for salvation but it seems it's hard to find
I fight off these evil thoughts, until I be reaching I pull that b*t*h
This semi I'm holding is Smith & Wesson, I be loading in front of your house, I'm scopin'
Waiting on you to step outside so I can put one in yo' head
They tell me from the place of Hell "no room, have to wait" that is what they said

They condemn me, I got evil thoughts
Bout to pay the cost if the preachers talk
I pray all day and I believe in God
But then my people rob me and I feel all lost, lord
Help me be a man, 'cause since you've taken my daughter I've shaken the altar
Thinking of slaughter, thinking I'm going to Hell with the rest but you made her a martyr
Hard to comprehend, even with all of my family - all of my friends
Wonder if they'll have my back in the end, even though we are more stranded with them
I just don't know, so your ignorance got me drinking again
And I'm thinking of sin as I'm thinking of Hell
Now I'm thinking this sh*t got me too f**ked up, I'm gone

Yeah, I'm back again in this perfect time
I fast forward yo' worthless rhymes
Dropping this sh*t, I been feeling since I was thirteen - never knew at the time:
My life was a lie, so make a choice
I'm battling voices inside of my conscious
I'm down in the cemetery like
I barely can hear cause of them helicopters
Maybe I lost em, maybe I'm fearing on taking this sh*t on myself
Maybe the reason I'm tripping now, seeing this sh*t is irrelevant, so as you will
Send you to Hell, leave you to smell

Smoking on killa but I ain't no killer
Won't push me enough that I'm taking it there

You can say that I'm disturbed, you can see the hatred swirling in my
Tell God "come on and get us", I wanna see fire coming from the Heavens
I said to be MD and to be obedient to the elite
Politicians bowing in defeat, leaving millions stuck in the street
The game is rigged, the system's f**ked
Despite kids, education sucks
AR-15 bucking at the police when they gon' try to take my guns
Better not let them hold you, I ain't going over when I'm told to
I send them to Hell if they still roll
But if not, then they still get the cleaver

Abom the mixtape killer, beast on the beats, am I a gorilla?
No room in hell, the insanity plaguing me
Straight-jacket breaking, my luck's getting sicker
Ending these rappers - I load a full clip, destroy egotistical bullsh*t
Ted Bundy, I murder these b*t*hes, reaching my cynical toolkit
Y'all don't know what I got up in my sleeve
Got a Freddy Krueger state of mind, I sneak up when you sleep
I'm the , creator of the Taliban and I'm here to stand
I'm a motherf**king

SKR charm hanging from my neck
Tattooed on my skin, it's in my blood, without it - I'm dead
Tell me what you know about loyalty
It's ain't a word, it's everything
Disrespect, face the penalty
SKR, we the underground royalty
We rape compet**ion, we leaving 'em dead
F**k the opposition, swing off with their heads
We leave em in pieces, ripped to shreds
This is our property, time to pay rent
You're my criminal under arrest
I'll rip out your heart from your chest
I'm Razakel, most sickest wickedest b*t*h, reigning the Southwest

Just bury the f**king politics
Hell is coming, put a gun to my mouth and swallow my hollow tip
Whatever you believe in, I am the opposite
We are preparing for 2-0-1-2 apocalypse
Never scared, I feel nothing, no one ever cared
Send me to Hell, I be chilling up in the Devil's lair
Now the evil's unleashed, it's gonna f**k with us now
Heaven is crumbling 'cause Hell's rising up from the ground

There is no more room in Hell, the Devil walked the Earth
I been a curse since my birth, my destiny's to lay up in a hearse
The doctors say they should' aborted me as a fetus
I went to church just to burn a picture of Jesus
I speak with mental telepathy, the Devil's standing next to me
Whispering 'he wants to have sex with me'
My inner demons inside will scream "I'm willing to die"
Put the gauge to my mouth, I pull the trigger, goodbye

You off to talking like the Devil's your friend
He'll change your story when it comes to the end
Hell's jampacked, gotta get the f**k out
Lotta people loving Satan, no, don't bow down
Thinking that the devil rapping's cool to you
What do you think is gonna happen, what he'll do to you?
Ain't taking no praises, you faggots
Your hating won't get you into these good graces
No matter the praises, the faithless are going to burn
And here is the bible you should've learned
You're never gon' fight like the will of our Christ
Living for the life while we getting to the fight
You're never gon' fight like the will of our Christ
Living for the life while we getting to the fight all night

There is no more room in Hell, so the Devil walked the Earth
Craving flesh, I'm walking dead, been a demon since my birth
Watching you bleed as I'm taking your life
Never will you see your kids or your wife
You suffer as I torture 'cause you cannot take the pain
Tearing your flesh from the bone like a zombie, I'm insane
You cannot believe it's your time to die
I don't give a f**k, look into my eyes

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