QuadNiggaz Lyrics

Teki died nothin' happened
Look at how they caught lil' bibby and 'em lackin'
Look at how they caught Trey D and they smoked him
Bust lil Teco sh*t wide open
Bronem slide, no jokin'
Foolio b*t*h n***a everybody know it
Sh*t he know it, sh*t she know it
His momma know too, she a part of the war
Even the west scored
You ain't slide for her, you ain't gon' slide for your boys
Say i got stripes, I could live in a zoo
But the beef what we eat when we dinin' of course
Henry get f**ked up the road and I know it
JB run like Forrest, know it
I caught Rick lackin' and I jumped out at him
And he fold like a napkin, of course
N***a's ain't that, I'm an accurate source
I ain't ever lie, I'm a fact spitter boy
Rack hitter boy
Pull up on a n***a start hittin' like a b*t*h when she mad at a boy
All these n***as be cap
When I shoot, I'ma hit him in his hat

These are not Mike Amiris, these Levi's
Five dollars for the trunks and they're knee-high
Told my b*t*h go get her friends, a greedy n***a, bae, I need sides
Big booty b*t*h sat on my face and gave me pink eye
Spirit Airlines every time I fly
Or it's Frontier, Skiplagged how I book my flights
I'm a cheap n***a, don't give a f**k if I die
Just give me the aisle row seat and I'll be just fine

He seem pink like homer
But, I ain't no simp son
I think my arm got eyes, cause my wrist***ch
Think it's sweet like candy, if I get pushed, pop
I drive a Mercedes-Range Rover
My money blue like a four-leaf clover
And my brother got a tat, when I just got a tat too
My haircut got a talent cause they asked me what my hair do
Why we call a building "building" if the building already built
I can't stop staring when I'm driving just because my steering wheel can't
Baseballs can't fly so how the f**k I got a batman

Yeah, gold in my mouth, I don't talk cheap
Yeah, these b*t*hes used to make fun of my teeth
Now they crusty, AC busted, house 100 degrees, ha
Yo, that's f**ked up but oh well, she's an a**hole
Told her no sweat, she can chill in my castle
This sh*t was so fire, Yachty had to run it back though
'Bout to write a chain off on my tax though

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