No Dollar Amount Lyrics

Xpertize Lyrics

V1 - It don’t matter how much i spend/

It only matters if I make it to the end/

Of the finish line, and hopefully get a
Chance to be able to set the table
And tell my family it’s dinner time/

Jesus Christ but this won’t be the last

About to milk the game because I’m
Different than udders /

Look the same taste different can’t
Believe it’s not b***er/

Pose for the camera it’s all an illusion
No thanks to the shutter/

A roof over my head was enough
Because I came from the gutter/

Where they do the most and raise
Toast for that bread and b***er/

Keep it flowing like roundabouts/

Can’t buy happiness no matter the
Dollar amount/

Homicides every day I’m surprised
They ain’t lost count/

Stray bullets don’t live that far from
The house, Gregory/

Whole time the knowledge was right
Here next to me/

The main ingredient that’s missing
From life’s recipe/

I could’ve said it better Raheem/

No dollar amount could ever build
Build up my self esteem/

Could barely afford clothes but imma
Still reign supreme/

N***as lose an arm and a leg trying to
Gangrene /

So it seems, I’m choosing a different
Obstacle but they treat you like Tom
Cruise, say the mission impossible/

But I know my cause is probable, may
Be problematic but I’m the answer
So that’s solvable/

The number one contender, will never
Be a stranger to TV dinners/

Humble beginnings but far from a
Beginner, gotta take a lot of L’s to
Become winners, we all born sinners/

It don’t matter how much spend/

It only matters if I make it to the end

Poker face on, I’m going all in, while
N***as shooting magic bullets trying
To blend in/

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