NO DIAMONDS !!! Lyrics

?underscores Lyrics

Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds

Out of torches, no light to fight skeletons
Do not disturb when I'm in my dirt residence
Got some nice tools but is that too relevant?
Kids come to my server walking on sediment
Sh*t, I don't speak
"Don't dig straight down"
That's what everybody said, then I dug straight down
Now I'm burning to death
Gonna lose all my levels, now I'll never hit ten
Guess I'll go farm mobs 'til the nightime ends
Got the XP up, killing slimes and endermen
Now I got bars, time to go home and enchant all my tools
Then we can make a portal to the End
Hop in my minecart
We've been popping potions since the night start
All you broke Steves getting no sex
Four gold, redstone, call that a rolex

I just lost all my sh*t to a skeleton then
F**king popped back to spawn, no pick in my hand
Zombies chasing my a**, can't you please stop?
When I got back, the crib already had a green top
Don't go out after dark

That would be fine but I can't sleep
This biome had to be cursed with no sheep
Gaming but you know I ain't a virgin
I'm a chad tougher than a Nether incursion
Hooked up with this girl and got unprofessional
Went f**king harder than a Minecraft festival
Underscores, Knapsack, CH, Robin
Forgot to put diamonds on their beat, now we mobbing
Out of our minds, watch the Minecraft throne
Your Drake won't be clapping, he'll be sobbing

Hope I find some redstone down in this crevice
But I think that I am running out of torches
Doing lines of red dust, know I got the good sh*t
Feels like TNT the way these red bricks hit
I'm packing
Got the diamond strap, fellas think that I'm slick
Until I sh*t my pants

Why did the mom in Bird Box have a box of f**king pop tarts
And give it to their kids like "Yo, this is the taste of strawberry"
It's not the taste of strawberry, it's not
It's fake strawberry
Bad mom

Sh*t, my axe just broke looking for some dark oak
And I think an enderman is on my a**, I need to leave this biome
Need food, man, my hunger’s low
Pull up to a villager, I trade him for enchanted books
Built myself an anvil, gonna give my sword that Sharpness IV
Run up to the mineshaft, gonna f**k up all the spawners
Clear the cave of all these mobs so I can mine out all these diamonds, yuh

Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Yeah I got diamonds
Sakuraburst, Park, Former Hero, Noah Neras

Sandra Bullock
Bird Box, Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock, Bird Box film
Strawberry pop tarts
No diamonds!
It's amazing what we can do with Audacity nowadays

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