No Cap 3 Lyrics

30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murdaa Lyrics

Grimeyy, Murdaa on this b*t*h, Murdaa on this b*t*h
Bwoh, bwoh, bwoh

She gon' suck and f**k the gang, she say all she want is pot
D just walked a n***a down in his new Balenciagas
Why he steady dissin' Grimeyy? 'Cause I f**ked his baby mama
N***as need to rap with Maury, I ain't even wear a condom
Pulled up on 'em with them thumpers, n***as nuts went in they stomach
Know I f**k with College Block, have E an' 'em get on yo' bumper
Keep the coochie, Grimeyy Gucci, eat me up until you vomit
Catch a body in my city, hop on a plane and change the climate

B*t*h, I still keep me a orange and a blue rag
They yellin' out "Dookie," they got Dookie toe-tagged
Pull on yo' block and see you, where is you at?
We'll light you on when we kill or do 'dat
Dissin' they home if they like Murdaa rude a**
Penny clapped him but he rolled down too fast
Pulled up the barger, we went and got two Jags
And if we still got that, the dude, we gon' do that

JD and Swisha told me, "Watch 'em," they ain't real as they seem
B*t*h, I'm Grimeyy, extra slimy, caught my first at fifteen
I got my lick back 'bout JD and Murdaa got his for Nina
For Valentines my baby mama had bought me a beam
They comparin' us to the best, it make me feel like the sh*t
They wanna' walk up in my shoes, but can't afford or can't fit
We clappin' kids and baby mamas, don't get caught in the mix
We dumped his a** on the first, he ain't get found 'till the tenth
Servin' grams, these ain't TECs
Wet a n***a 'till he drenched
He got killed, and he got sent
B*t*h, I'm Grimeyy like the Grinch
If you want smoke, b*t*h it's lit
He hard to find, we send a b*t*h
B*t*h, my name , call me quick
Pop yo' a**, then I dip

No Cap 3, b*t*h
Free the goofies, RIP the goofies
I wouldn't wanna be the goofies, n***a
And my lil' brother Murdaa in this b*t*h
RIP the gang, free the gang
N***as wanna be the gang
Code Red!

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