New Rapper Lyrics

7L & Esoteric Lyrics

And for the kindergarten atmosphere we have a theme like this

New rapper I don't want you to get upset
But how the hell can we be fam if we ain't never met?
And how the hell does someone like you expect
Me to lay a verse for you outta respect?
All I hear is, "Esoteric will you rap for me?"
When I was 19 dawg I used to rap for free
But now I'm 30 somethin'
My words are worth somethin'
You gotta come up with some cash for me to murder somethin'
As far as your reputation I never heard of nothin'
Send me a link or website, let me refer to somethin'
Show me a flier, a track, give me a shirt or somethin'
Show me you're serious and maybe we can work on somethin'
I'm not your brother, your uncle or your perverted cousin
So don't come at me with that "Fam, spit a verse or somethin'"
It ain't all love, take that sh*t to church or somethin'
And get the f**k up out my store unless you purchase somethin'

"I'm talking to you" - Tears For Fears 'Shout Shout Let It All Out'

Allow me to be Frank like Zappa
Most the dudes I hear today, they reek of fecal matter
I'd do a joint for free if it could move me up the ladder
But that would have to be with a more established rapper
I know I'm not KRS
I know I'm not Jay-Z
I know I'm not Rakim but you still gotta pay me
You see I tour the country, don't beg like a junkie
Feed me well and pay me well and hear me get funky
Don't sh*t for free, I grew outta like a onsie
I'm worldwide, you rap around here/hair like a scrunchie
You must think I'm some type of j*rk or somethin'
The way you talkin' you must want me to go berserk or somethin'
I do what I love and I love what I do
If you want me on your song you must do too
So pay me
It makes sense to me
You wouldn't ask a dude to paint your f**kin' fence for free
I'm about to go Freddie Fox**, twin Glocks
If you don't stay the motherf**k up out my inbox
Your whole style is wearing thin like gym socks
Don't ask me to do it for the good of hip hop
Especially dawg, when you ain't good for hip hop
Take heed to the words I'm sayin' hops

That's right. Don't say, "We're trying to unify the scene." I'm not down with that scene. Know what I mean? I keep this rhyme simple so you can sing along. Baby talk. Alright, goo goo ga ga, understand what I'm sayin'. This is for the new jacks. The newcomers. I mean, the up and comers

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