Neverless Lyrics

Xavi (Singer) Lyrics

Keep rolling, to I’m six feet under
F**k up out my face, that weak sh*t buddy
Now I got my space, imma kill sh*t promptly
Every f**king track, burning down to it’s nothing

Never had the time, n***a f**k they a**umption
Flip another page, keep past in the past
It’s another day, let the trash be the trash
On a different wave, make last till I’m dead

Auxxk Verse -
Hitting different level
Regretting a few decisions
Been working on the percion
True colors showed who was wit

Making my circle smaller
I Felt like why even bother
Kept trying but kept on falling
Played dummy, I thought I had it

Delete it, I cut habit
Don’t need it
I’m bout my cabbage
It’s nothing
I f**kin ravage
My n***a I’m everlasting
New n***as, can had da last one
Dat fake sh*t is losing flavor
Too often I find a fake one
Too often I get a goofy
Too often they looking stupid
I’m finally getting to it

Cutting down all the cancer
I hate how this had to happen
Been evil like f**kin draken
My pa**enger get anxious

He fiendish a f**kin grimlin
Been screaming like going get it
Stop waiting, or f**kin end it
Pumping faking a epidemic

Adjacent to all the gimmicks
Been chasing it, now I got it
I made it, I broke ya scouter
Young radiz, you to obnoxious

Keep talking I take conscious
At night I be wit the monster
We plotting on taking ova
F**k call me young ca**anova

I promise the wait is over
I show you my dedication
Got lost in the fabrication
Get caught in my gravitation
A part of a different nation
Now watch from the f**king rafters
I get you pack Kleenex
Been tired of this weak a** cycle

Recalling it for some edits
Been Feeling real f**kin petty
Vercetti I make it happen
Get litty, say f**k a problem

Annoying like I was pollen
Anointed so come and follow
Conjuring different thinking
Sentenced to higher thinking

Can’t follow, that’s not motto
Retire say f**k bullsh*t
Got problems I gotta deal wit
Ain’t feeling too f**king social

Approaching a different meaning
Found in comfort in all my trouble
My vision it stay on Hubble
I stumble but never fall
Recovery Wolverine
Some sh*t that you never seen
I come from different realm
Not human, no f**k around

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