Needer Lyrics

All the hats Lyrics

I can feel as you likeI can lie as you wantAnd i can take your face and blow it out

All those things that i wantAll those things that i needCan make me feel goodBut dont let me free

Oh no, where we go nowPlease dont leave behind meYou can put your head on my shoulderTell me what you need to be free

All those things that i doAll those things that i fellCould be rigth or wrongIll just have to pick

Like the girl that i loveShe`s not walking with meShe`s so blind in loveAnd i waityng here

One time, a place where i`d belongTook out pieces from my heartCould i never get it back

Somewhere, while time still goes onI know that i`ll gonna findThe feeling that i looking for

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