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Let ye cast no judgement upon thy neighbor
Before the beam of thy own eyes have been cleansed
In the wicked ways of the world
God gives the remission of all of our sins

When I was a young one the preacher put oil on my sixth chakra
He knew when I was older I'd wanna follow 2Pac and Big Poppa
They thought I was so devilish in the dark I would listen to sick opera
But this choppa will be reppin' the city where RDV's Young Rich and Slick's got ya
Wale in peace
I don't know why they wanna call me up every Easter Sunday to the altar
Maybe the music I am doin' is never gospel, sinner is what they call ya
I know we look a little strange and we the gang, my lane is what I offer
Three dimensional altar with an ego on top of the rock of Gibraltar

I see-e, it's not the way the bible people want me to be-e
Flippin' the fire for the family focused and free-e
Listen to me-e doing it for T.V-e
With the rebel yell, came out of my shell
Preacher said tell your people let go of your coat-tail
With a tremendous fail he never to say my living'll sell
But even worse said I lead my people to Hell's Bells
Lookin' at me just like my mother and father would breed creatures
Not an evil bone in my body and never known to be naughty in my seeds either
Simple and plain like a cheese pizza
I don't know, prayin' on my knees, keep us from heat seekers
Lovin' the bleed feature while the people tell me that I need Jesus!

Talk about me, judge me
Speakin' I'm evil to people, I'm leadin' 'em underway
How you read me and see me, easy to be shunned away
But you got it all wrong
You seem to tell me I need Jesus!
Every day they wanna condemn me
None of 'em even know me
Anyone live without sin cast that stone at the Stone
Let's talk about it

I'm askin'
What's happening?
Boy, 'cause they bashing me
Bangin' the bible, butcher boy, don't bother with blasphemy
Call 'em a crazy critic comin' causin' catastrophes
Aimin' at Aaron a lot of ammo and an angel actually
Oh mane, Amen
You people let the steeples speak in evil and the neezle playing God hymn
My mother was a Christian but I used to go with the Wiccan for the stickin', what’s the problem?
Questioning the K.O.D.'s grim, anybody talkin' hella crazy I'm 'bout to jaw them
You'll be up on a cross whenever you step to me so take precaution
Y'all false actors, callin' me a demon when I talk backwards tihs pot
Tecca Nina gon' be sought after, this drop by the people that go toss rappers hip hop
So you thinking you religious?
When you condemn another man, you never lead us
Telling me what's under me is gonna heat us
Never believe ya 'cause really you need Jesus
Leave us

Talk about me, judge me
Speakin' I'm evil to people, I'm leadin' 'em underway
How you read me and see me, easy to be shunned away
But you got it all wrong
Let's talk about it

Mama never really talked about God
All that I was ever taught was I'm odd
Heard he knew 'bout every thought that I had
Dirty mind I'd see a cross and I'd hide
Lost without dad, salty 'bout that
But I was captivated by the bosses outside
I plotted every way to get in drawers with my squad
Ask round why every man goes
Bad habits to pa** down like second hand clothes, mad
Salvage a blouse, gown, and manicured toes
Had half of us ground bound for hell and lord knows
Need a savior they say slayed for your behavior
Raised in three days, grace be what he gave ya
The Son of the maker, one to gravitate to
Pay ten percent 'cause sins ya didn’t pay for
Bow to a name insane fast, he told the
Vows to a dame, the tame Casanova
Wow did it change and came crashing, poser
Doused in the flames and bang chapter closure
Spiritually drained, cra** and vulgar
Needed somewhere to go until rain pa**es over
Seeking a miracle from a stained-gla** Jehovah
But I don't know if the ordained pastor sober
Dang in disdain prayed in vain
Care slain yo, explain do anything
Lay hands, but role playing, you entertain
Doubt, pain, processin' grow in the brain
It's confusing, now my fangs out protruding
Rebuking from mouths full of communion
Scorn by lukewarm kind, it's time you've been warned
The Storm formed, now find refuge in...

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