My Sad But True Interlude Lyrics

Xay Hill & Rapzilla Lyrics

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Hold Up

I admit it, I'm broken
I'm feelin' hopeless
Talk to myself
But not even eye open
I battle myself
And I leave my scars open
Wounds in my past
Ain't no way I'ma close 'em
I cry to myself and I'm feelin' the pain
I'm givin' my all when there's nothin' to gain
Tried changin' myself, end up feelin' the pain
Scars in my life, I got used to the pain
But don't mind me
Yeah, learned not to run from myself
Livin' my life with the cards I was dealt
God used all my sufferin' like nobody else

And we go, we go, we go
And we go, we go, we go
And we go, we go, we go
Around and 'round, we go
And we go, we go, we go
And we go, we go, we go
And we go, we go, we go
Run away from here

Sometimes, my biggest problem
Isn't, like, with everyone else, it's with us
It's like, you put yourself in this situation
Where you think "I can handle anything"
It's all me
But the biggest issue is when you're sittin' there
You have to look yourself in the mirror and be like
"Okay, I can't do this on my own"
You know, if you remember that God is with us
Then who can be against us?
So, my situation now is like, you know
Is to put my trust in God, and trust that God will make a way
So when I say that I'm running away
That don't mean I'm quitting
It means I'm moving away from myself
Running from who I am
And falling towards where God wants me to be
So yeah
'Bout to run away

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