My Life [Unreleased] Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

How can I write this in 4 minutes
I never open up much unless I’m writing a sentence
I never been imprisoned but man it feels like I’m in it
Due to everything I been through in life
I guess it’s winning
Lately I’ve been remembering
Past days that ended
Past times that went through my present mind with no limit
How should I remember me screaming out as a baby
And momma screaming her head off
Meanwhile my grandma she praying she saying
“Lord help her get this child out, God we need you can’t you hear her tryna shout out”
Later on my parents hearing the news of how I would barely pull through guess it’s cause I came out too soon sheesh
Guess I would be on a leash from that point on
Walking before I crawl they’d ball
Asking how’d he even do that?
I’m learning early screw that
I guess I’m growing up a little bit so where my food at
For real tho

Pre-School times came
I was napping while a kid was snapping at teachers for days
Meanwhile I’m in a daze
Off in another phase
I met these little groupies tryna break me down like haze
Damn and it worked
Don’t know why they were a j*rk
I guess they wanted a piece of the kid not from this earth
To be honest who could blame
I was destined for the fame
Destined for greatness and haters that would just love the game
Fast forward to grade 4 when I was always the last one being called for sports
Outside I was ballin onto the court and off it ***
Sitting by generators and in my room sobbing
My heart throbbing
Wondering who would like me I never had that many friends so them roads were icy ***
Some days I would sit
Inside my room and game
And Play a few CD’s since I ain’t have a pod those days
I always had an issue with my love life
Since elementary school when I never done right
To be honest those days don’t even count
Cause nobody knew what love was as a young trout
But I had an idea when it came to 6th grade missing opportunists from 7th to 8th dang
And during choir days I started rapping
Jotting down lyrics from Not Afraid and just spazzing
Recording on my phone
Inside of the voice memos and showing it to cla**mates hoping I’d go pro so
I proceeded to download an app
And attack every track with a beat and just snap
Going by KNation reality I was facing
Printing CD’s handing them out tryna make a payment
But no one even copped it
They all was saying stop it
So I did and started to sing
Music was here in the stop pit

Moving up to high school
Everyone wanted to rap
I’m like dude
You don’t got the bars you just wack
I never practiced for years but still create havoc
So rap called back
I picked up the call
And started asking
What I’m gonna do with a mic in my hand
Record songs using FL
And try to build a brand
Get some fans and maybe some help along the way
Come to think I’m starting to remember the day
When I snuck my bro my inside the house tryna record
My mom came through early so we had to abort
So I had to make a statement to fight the different cases
From that day I was dedicated thinkin that I'm gonna make it
Switching the different alias from cryptic to KB
Switching to Eclipse now I’m here at Xenny
And this is how I’m staying
Never gonna be changing
And never selling my soul for a deal or any payment

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