Mr. Two-Faced Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics

I got the soul, come on make me a lie
Self preservation first law of nature

Two-faced, I can see it in your eyes
Trying to play wise, I won't take it for surprise
My momma always told me 'bout your everyday-type
Pulling swipes, but Lord Quas won't believe the hype
Black heart, but on the slide, Braveheart
Inside on the outside, y'play the part
Uncontrolled feelings taking over your soul
Play the role, but my type, lower your hole
Try to do some things and act like I don't see

Come around begging and tried to get a job
Guess he'd rather rob, it's like y'slob your own knob
Talking heavy sh*t to other people
Talking everybody's business, return, sequel
Yesterday, I think you stole my weed
Your low creed
Need help before you OD
Get shot, 'cause I'm on the verge of revenge
Even Steven, I learn something new every weekend
Got the devil in you, like Flip Wilson
A Wild Man Fischer, I'll have you on your last meals, son

Hey f**k Madlib, man, he sucks
Oh, what's popping?
Oh, what's up Madlib, ah, man you the dopest

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